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Rings of Saturn Album Teaser

Rings of SaturnSan Francisco Bay Area-based innovative death metal quartet, RINGS OF SATURN, have released a teaser for their upcoming Lugal Ki En LP. Featuring a sampling of some of the music from the blistering, cutting-edge album, as well as the vibrant alien-based artwork, the five-minute-long trailer gives technical death metal-seeking enthusiasts a brutally diverse sampling of the beautifully progressive and downright savage tunes contained in Lugal Ki En.

The band also announced today their next phase of widespread touring in support of Lugal Ki En, with another massive trek confirmed. (Read More)

Bloodtruth Releases Lyric Video

bloodtruth_band_photoWith the impending doom of their debut album, Obedience, looming, Italian death metal horde BLOODTRUTH has created a lyric video for the album’s eighth track, “Foresworn,” which is today viewable via Metal Assault.

The ten tracks engulfing BLOODTRUTH’s Obedience tap into a wealth of unadulterated lyrical hatred released through incinerating waves of limb-removing, guttural metal. Engineered by Francesco Paoli and Cristiano Trionfera (both of Fleshgod Apocalypse) at Sonic Hammer Studios, Obedience was then mixed and mastered by Italian death metal producer and legend Stefano Morabito of 16th Cellars Studios… (Read More)

Internal Bleeding Releases New Lyric Video

new_signing_internal_bleedingAs Imperium, the first new album in more than a decade from institutional New York City-based death metal outfit, Internal Bleeding, is being prepared to see its official unveiling late this month, a lyric video from the release is now viewable via Skulls ‘N’ Bones.

The third of nine horrendously destructive hymns harnessed by INTERNAL BLEEDING under direction of Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio in NYC (Suffocation, Dehumanized, Mortal Decay) and set to see release as Imperium, “The Pageantry Of Savagery” is an aptly destructive example of what the front-runners of the “slam movement” have conceived and delivered; an inexorable, enraged and yet focused album that yields no mercy. (Read More)

Hideous Divinity to Release New Album This Fall

hideous_divinity_band_photo_homeItalian death metal merchants, HIDEOUS DIVINITY, who feature within their ranks current and former members of Hour Of Penance and Ghouls, are preparing to unleash their second full-length this Fall.

Titled Cobra Verde, the offering was recorded at 16th Cellar Studios (House Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Trifixion, Vomit The Soul et al) in early 2014 and, in keeping with the tradition laid by their monster debut, Obeisance Rising, revolves itself around a movie concept. (Read More)

Acrania – “A Gluttonous Abomination”

AcraniaWith the release of Totalitarian Dystopia, the new full-length from London death slingers, ACRANIA, now less than two weeks away, American Aftermath is pleased to wreck your speakers with a sixth track, “A Gluttonous Abomination.”. Boasts American Aftermath of the track, “ACRANIA‘s ‘A Gluttonous Abomination’ is a festering slab of disgusting death metal and this is definitely something you want to wrap your head around on such a beautiful day.”

Get irate with “A Gluttonous Abomination” at AmericanAftermath.net.

The Zenith Passage Pre-Production Track
Los Angeles Technical Death Metallers Unleash Pre-Production Track + Union Of Dissonance Tour Documentary Posted

The Zenith PassageLos Angeles technical death metallers, THE ZENITH PASSAGE, today unleash a new pre-production track entitled “Simulated Reality.” The maniacal new tune will appear on the follow-up to their critically adored Cosmic Dissonance EP which MetalSucks applauded, noting that, “This is just the way tech-death should be, where good songwriting is just as important as the doodily-doo. These tunes will kick you in the balls and tickle your anus with a feather. They’re fucking fantastic.”

Sample “Simulated Reality” as well as the band’s hilarious near-half-hour Union of Dissonance West Coast tour documentary with Aegaeon, and guest appearances and performance from Archspire here.

New Signings



New York Death Metal Legion Joins Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader Records is pleased to welcome long-running New York-based death metal legion, INTERNAL  BLEEDING, to their expanding roster of audio severity. Their fifth studio album, Imperium, will be out in… (Read More…)



Dubai-Based death/thrash assault unites withUnique Leader Records

Spawned in 2000 as one of the first extreme metal bands to emerge from Dubai, UAE, and having toured alongside legendary metal acts such as Metallica, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Decapitated and Suffocation… (Read More…)